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Top Clips

Top clips were invented and patented in 1996 as a way to deter theft of cargo shipped and stored on pallets. Since criminals could easily remove the protective banding that secured cargo loads,
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cards aganist humanity, and then replace the banding without any sign of tampering a new system was needed. Top clips secure palletized cargo and give a visual confirmation if a load has been broken into.

Top Clips Are the Final Step in Constructing a Pallet

Top clips are the final step in the construction of a securely loaded dans quel pays cialis sans ordonnance pallet. First, the cargo is loaded on the pallet, and then corner boards are added along all the sides. Next, a layer of clear stretch film is applied. Finally, the banding (either nylon, polypropylene, or steel) is put in place and secured with a top clip.

The clip is a round hub with four steel prongs. Each prong accepts banding which is then securely fastened to the hub; you can use common tensioners and crimpers to attach the bands,
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The top clip is added last for two reasons. First, it allows for easy access and visibility to check for tampering. Just as important, it lets would be criminals see what they are dealing with: once they see they have a secured load with a formidable locking system,
card of humanity, they are likely to move on to an easier target. These clips are both physical and visual theft deterrents.

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